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About Us:
Established in 2003 and with over 15 plus years in the industry, Souhegan Printed Products has been successful in establishing long term business relationships with our customers as well as with our high caliber printing vendors. This extensive knowledge of the printing industry has allowed us to source almost any printed product to our customer’s specifications, all while saving them both time and money.

We do it all from an idea to the finished product!

Mission Statement:
It is our mission to form long lasting business relationships. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to provide the highest quality printed products at the most affordable prices, and making our customer’s needs our #1 priority.

Our Company Name:
We are located in Southern New Hampshire in the Souhegan Valley, which is named after the Souhegan River.

The name “Souhegan” comes from the language of the Native American Algonquins meaning “waiting and watching place”. We get this question a lot so thought we would answer it!

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